February 5, 2015

Illustration is distinct from graphic design, and often has more in common with fine arts. The so called golden age of illustration ended almost a century ago, with photography being increasingly used instead, and the emergence of graphic design as a recognized medium...

January 30, 2015

Everyone has a favorite go-to font, whether you're a designer or you just like to jazz up an email or a Word doc. Some fonts get over-used, some become associated with online trends to a degree that limits their other uses, an some were just plain ugly to start with. I...

January 16, 2015

A good designer-client relationship is worth cultivating and preserving, for both parties. This article from Pamela Wilson at is a good overview of the relationship between graphic designers and customers. As with any type of work, there is a learnin...

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Logan Rogers is a commercial illustrator who creates expressive narratives that bring intrigue to the viewer. His illustrations showcase a sense of depth, rich color palettes, strong plays on light and dark and dramatic scale. Logan’s work is geared toward children's books, magazines and advertising.