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Why I Don't Hate Graphic Designers

A good designer-client relationship is worth cultivating and preserving, for both parties. This article from Pamela Wilson at is a good overview of the relationship between graphic designers and customers. As with any type of work, there is a learning curve between those who do the work and those who need it done. Wilson makes the point that many business owners aren't sure why they need to hire a designer in the first place.

I had one client email me the specs for what he wanted done and said "I wish I had the software to do this." I remember thinking "I wish you did, too." Clients who hire a designer because they feel that they have the skills to do their own work, but not the time or the equipment, can be some of the most frustrating to work with. The client's level of knowledge of design, and ability to communicate what they want, are important factors.

I don't mind asking to see examples of design that the client likes, and asking them to share what they like and don't like about them. It also helps if I'm able to give good examples of what does and doesn't work.

What has your experience been of working with graphic designers? Share them with me!

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