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Logan Rogers is a commercial illustrator who creates expressive narratives that bring intrigue to the viewer. His illustrations showcase a sense of depth, rich color palettes, strong plays on light and dark and dramatic scale. Logan’s work is geared toward children's books, magazines and advertising.

Unintentionally Suggestive Logo Design

April 2, 2015

My post about logo design generated a lot of responses. It seems to be a topic that interests a lot of people. In order to put together a graphic, I did a cursory Google Image Search for "bad logo design" and came up with some good examples representing the most common mistakes - but along the way, certain other images were … striking. It became clear that these logos needed a blog post of their own.


As far as I can tell, they're all real, although it's hard to believe in some cases.  The article accompanying the especially unfortunate far-right-second-row example said that it won an award in 1973, before any scandals involving the Priesthood had come to light. I was especially amused by the Islamic Understanding Institute (Rock the casbah!) but Snopes says it's real, it's a rendering of a mosque in Atlanta. And even though Junior's Jazz Dance Classes is not technically a logo, I had to include it, it's a fascinating visual accident.   



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