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For the past year, I've been doing a lot of painting.

I've done a handful of of paintings over the last couple of years, mostly of local landmarks in my home town of Tipp City, Ohio. A year ago I was asked to do some paintings that would be featured in the Annual Report for the Tipp Foundation, a local philanthropy. This motivated me to paint more and more, so as to have enough pieces to showcase, and in September I was invited to excibit paintings, and paint live, at the Tipp Foundation's annual banquet.

This was not only a great time, but I sold a painting! The portable display that I had made for my paintings had worked out well, so when an opportunity came up to show and sell paintings at a festival nearby, I set up there, and painted live again. This led to an invitation to paint live at a holiday open house, and more sales and commissions followed. An antique store in Tipp City agreed to sell my prints, postcards and holiday cards on consignment, and these were received really well.

Freelance graphic design is still an important part of what I do, and I'm planning a redesign of this website and other marketing to attract some commercial illustration business, but I have been very surprised and pleased at how my paintings have taken off.


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