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Unintentionally Suggestive Logo Design

My post about logo design generated a lot of responses. It seems to be a topic that interests a lot of people. In order to put together a graphic, I did a cursory Google Image Search for "bad logo design" and came up with some good examples representing the most common mistakes - but along the way, certain other images were … striking. It became clear that these logos needed a blog post of their own.

As far as I can tell, they're all real, although it's hard to believe in some cases. The article accompanying the especially unfortunate far-right-second-row example said that it won an award in 1973, before any scandals involving the Priesthood had come to light. I was especially amused by the Islamic Understanding Institute (Rock the casbah!) but Snopes says it's real, it's a rendering of a mosque in Atlanta. And even though Junior's Jazz Dance Classes is not technically a logo, I had to include it, it's a fascinating visual accident.

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